pernambuco1The lawn of the Pernambuco Arena is ready to receive the greatest stars of world football. With approximately 9000m2, the lawn grown by team Royalverd/Greenleaf in the Nautical Training Center was transplanted in Pernambuco Arena, one of the Brazilian stadiums that will receive the Confederations Cup 2013.

The operation which lasted only two days, had begun on 23 March this year and ended the next day. The organization and planning team ensure, first of all, quality and speed and as a consequence this record time of planting roller natural lawn.

In its first stage cuts were made in a grass cutting machine at the same time the carpet rolled into a cylinder to roll forming, its width and length are adjusted to the need of the field and lawn growns there.

With a tractor tire balons, the rollers are supported on pallets and get ready to be charged on trucks. From CT Nautical towards the Arena went 23 trips of trucks and trailers truck.

In the Arena, with the field completely leveled, a team Royalverd/Greenleaf awaited the arrival of the cargo for planting. A machine extends unroll the grass mats. Then, a team hits the vertical joints, by hand, side and a tractor with a manipulator arm.

There were about 500 rolls of natural grass planted in two days using a simple, automated process using specific and modern machines, ensuring agility. But none of this would be possible if it wasn´t for the high potential and experienced team of Royalverd/Greenleaf that in great partnership with Odebrecht planned every step to ensure the success today, March 24, 2013, and give to the state of Pernambuco a lawn of stars.